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Premium Orb Edition

Drive Happy. 

Stand out from the crowd with the limited edition Carfume™️ Orb. Our premium Carfume Orb is the latest addition to our premium range. This beautiful and distinctive spherical bottle is available in three eye-catching colors, all of which are hand-painted to perfection with a matte finish.

Our mood-enhancing fragrances are guaranteed to level up your Driving Experience

1. Choose a color to match your style 
2. Choose your premium mood-enhancing fragrance
3. Pick your playlist & Drive Happy

Our premium car fresheners are inspired by our love of perfumes and aftershaves - that truly boost your mood!

The glass bottles with bespoke, carved wooden tops look so elegant & will add a classy touch to your car whilst giving you a long-lasting aroma. 
Simply unscrew the lid and remove the plastic cork. Screw the lid back on & give the bottle a gentle shake & tip upside down for a couple of seconds to soak the inside of the lid. Ensure you don’t do this for too long as some liquid may leak out! 

Whenever you feel the scent is no longer as strong as you’d like, simply repeat these steps again to fill your car with your favourite scent! 

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